Keyword Clarity is a free keyword grouping tool that makes it easy to identify keyword clusters quickly and easily—without messing around with a spreadsheet. The interactive tree visualization and built-in keyword manipulations surface semantic keyword groups without writing a single spreadsheet formula. It's simple.

Just three simple steps

1. Paste in your Keyword Data

Use keyword data from any source including, Google Adwords Keyword tool,, and Google Search Console.

2. Explore your Keyword Groups

Aggregate impression and click data for keyword groups. Reorder and manipulate keywords to find the semantic groups.

3. Export your Keyword Groups

Assing groups to your keywords by righ-clicking the keyword nodes. Then export your keyword groups as as an image or a CSV.

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Or try a demo first

Paste in your keyword spreadsheet to get started. Columns must be labeled for accurate results. If you need fake data copy it from here.

Numeric values for aggregation
Categorical values

Substitute and word, phrase, or Reglar Expression for another word or phrase.

Paste and setup your data, then click "Visualize" to display the keyword tree visualization.

Export your keyword groups

When you have finished grouping you keywords, download the entire keyword lists with groups as a CSV file or copy it to paste into a spreadsheet.

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